RJ Insulation: A family tradition.

Jack Jansen started the Jansen family in the insulation business in 1958. They were primarily focused in the residential retrofit sector of the insulation business. Most of his 14 children had a hand in the family business in one form or another.

In 1973 Jack retired to Florida and left his son, Daniel Boone Jansen, in charge of the business. Boone founded Jansen Interior Products which extended the family business into a new lineup of products and services. They began installing shower doors, shelving, custom mirrors and acoustical ceilings.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Ryan Jansen started RJ Insulation to lead the third generation of the Jansen family into the future. RJ Insulation works in all sectors (residential, commercial and industrial). His hands-on approach keeps the business running smoothly as RJ Insulation continues to grow.